About the CIGO Association


The  Certified Information Governance Officers (CIGO) Association is an international certifying organization for IG professionals. After the Covid-19 outbreak, industry leaders saw the need for a 100% online IG training and certification testing program. 

Also, there was a need to establish a series of certifications in specialty areas that go beyond a basic IG certification. So we have created not only the CIGO™ certification but also special additional certifications in vertical markets, as well as IG sub-disciplines like Privacy and Information Security. And we'll continue to add to our offerings with coming certifications in additional areas of IG.   

Through our partnership with the Institute for Information Governance, the world's leading provider of IG training, we offer expert training that meets the highest standards, so that IG professionals and be evaluated, accredited and recognized according to the highest standards, established by leading IG experts worldwide.

CIGO Association's mission is to develop and administer the professional certification of IG Officers and Managers, which includes our series of challenging and comprehensive examinations and certification maintenance program. CIGOA serves as the certifying body for IG professionals globally. 

CIGOA's members may obtain specialty designations, or simply maintain the generalist  CIGO™ certification. Those designations include CIGO/L (Legal), CIGO/H (Healthcare), CIGO/P (Data Privacy), and CIGO/S (Information Security), and CIGO/A (Analytics). We will continue to add specialty designations to grow the field of IG, serve the IG community, and reflect the special skill sets of our members.  

The Value of Being a Certified Information Governance Officer 

Industry surveys continue to show a strong correlation and value proposition for IG professionals who achieve the CIGO™ designation. The candidate’s belief that this esteemed credential will provide for enhanced professionalism and personal growth is a significant factor in the overall decision to become a  CIGO™. The IG knowledge gained through the certification examination preparation process, and elevation of confidence that is achieved as a result of mastering related competencies, is directly related to the CIGO's ability to be successful in higher-level IG positions with attractive salaries. 

In a world filled with daily reports of data and privacy breaches, increasing compliance demands, as well as opportunities to capitalize on the value of information, the  CIGO™ designations are a worthwhile and prudent investment for IG professionals and leading organizations worldwide. 

Code of Professional Conduct

CIGO Association Code of Professional Conduct

Certified Information Governance Officers are required to uphold this Code of Professional Conduct. 

Certified persons who fail to comply with this Code of Professional Conduct are subject to –  Certified Information Governance Officer disciplinary procedures which may result in sanctions, including without limitation loss of certification.   

As a  CIGO™ – Certified Information Governance Officer, I agree to: 

1.Provide complete and accurate information when applying for certification and re-certification and otherwise as requested by the CIGOA, Certified IG Professional Governing Board or certification staff.

2.Comply with the rules and procedures applicable to the administration of any exam offered by the CIGO Association.

3.Abide by the CIGOA – Certified Information Governance Officer Governing Board policies as presented in the  CIGO™ Candidate Handbook.  

4.Use any intellectual property (e.g. logo, designation) of the CIGOA – Certified Information Governance Officer Association only in an authorized and approved manner.

5.Refrain from behavior that may compromise the integrity or reputation of the certification or the Certified Information Governance Officer Association (CIGOA ). This includes revealing any specific questions or answers on the CIGO series of exams, which, if proven, may result in expulsion from CIGOA and loss of certification. 

6.Perform professional information Governance related duties in accordance with law and in a professional manner. 

To be signed by the applicant at the time of certification and re-certification. 


Board of Governors

CIGOA is in compliance with ISO/IEC 17024

ISO/IEC 17024: Conformity assessment - General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons is an International Standard which specifies criteria for the operation of a Personnel Certification Body (also known as a certification body for persons). The standard includes requirements for the development and maintenance of the certification scheme for persons upon which the certification is based.  

CIGO Association has established a qualified Board of Governors to oversee the testing and certification process, in compliance with ISO/IEC 17024.

Members include:

Scott Allbert CIP FAI General Data Protection Services

Susan Bennett, MBA, LLM, Principal, Sibenco Legal & Advisory & InfoGov ANZ (Australia)

Baird Brueseke CIP, IGP IG World Magazine

Dr. Patricia Franks PhD, CA, CRM, IGP, MARA Program Coordinator, San Jose State U

Dennis Kessler  Head of Data Governance, European Investment Bank (Luxembourg)

Doug Laney, Infonomics pioneer & author of Infonomics, Caserta Consulting

Paula Lederman MLS, MBA Partner, IMERGE Consulting & U of Toronto (Canada)

Rafael Moscatel, CIPM, CRM, IGP  Managing Director, IG, Compliance & Privacy Partners   

Michael Quartararo CEDS, PMP  President of the Association of E-Discovery Specialists

Dr. Gordon W. Romney, Ph.D, Computer Science Department at University of San Diego

Teresa Schoch MS, JD, CIPP/US/E, CIPM, CRM, IGP  Axiom Legal Services

Tyler Selle CRM, IGP, ERMm, Director of RIM, McKesson Corp. 

Robert Smallwood MBA, CIP, IGP, Institute for IG, IG World, & author of Information Governance

George Socha JD, EDiscovery pioneer, co-creator of the EDRM & IG Reference Model

Dr. Pieter van der Walt MDQM, Data Integrity Manager, Discovery Limited (South Africa)        

We are currently looking to fill 2 additional Board of Governors positions